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After A dismal few years, the a-share listed bank's performance has improved markedly this year. As of August 30, all 26 listed a-share Banks had achieved high scores in the high school entrance examination. The net profit in the first half was about 826.67 billion yuan belonging to the parent shareholder. Among them, the net profit growth rate of 22 Banks recovered, and the net profit growth rate of more than four Banks was even higher. Meanwhile, asset quality has improved. However, under the general background of "deposit shortage" in the industry, some joint-stock and urban commercial Banks encountered the rare phenomenon of slow increase or even negative growth of interest net income.

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Net profit growth of 22 listed Banks picked up

So far this year, the profitability of a-share listed Banks has significantly improved, and the semi-annual net profit is about 826.67 billion yuan, which is still the major investor of all listed companies.

In terms of absolute net profits, the big five state-owned Banks' ability to make money is still beyond the reach of smaller Banks. In the first half of this year, icbc, agricultural bank of China, bank of China, China construction bank and bank of communications achieved net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 160442 million yuan, 115.789 million yuan, 109.088 billion yuan, 147.027 billion yuan, and 407.71 billion yuan, respectively, exceeding 573.1 billion yuan, with an average daily profit of about 3.15 billion yuan, 510 million yuan more than the average daily in 2017.

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More notable is the rise in net profit growth. , according to Beijing business newspaper reporter in 26 a-share listed Banks, net profit growth of 6.37% above the industry average of 17, of which 12 bank net profit growth is on the "double", both China merchants bank joint-stock Banks, including bank of nanjing, chengdu, ningbo bank, businesses, the city of wuxi, changshu, bank and bank of wujiang even bank also joined the team. Chengdu bank's net profit in a-share listed Banks rose the most, to 28.49 percent .

Of the 26 a-share listed Banks, 22 have seen their net profit grow faster in the first half than in the same period last year. Citic bank's net profit attributable to its shareholders rose 7.12 percent year-on-year in the first half of 2018, compared with 1.74 percent in the same period last year. Jiangyin bank's first-half net profit grew by 4.27 percent, reversing the negative growth in the first half of last year.

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