AI unleashes financial energy


From academia to industry, artificial intelligence continues to reach the surface, some people regard it as the fourth industrial revolution, while finance seems to be the field where artificial intelligence can be applied the fastest. Not only wave, the fourth paradigm, Beijing xiangyun, yajie and other relevant smart financial solutions.

"Currently, finance is a highly information-based field, and the combination of artificial intelligence and finance can greatly improve the experience and efficiency of financial services, and play an innovative application in the fields of credit, intelligent customer service, financial advisory, fraud prevention, precision marketing, intelligent investment and regulatory compliance." Wave Inspur World "" AI can lead smart finance" "summit, wave group vice President and wave finance CEO sun chengtong told reporters.

Cheng-tong sun further stated that the current domestic four will increase financial technology, such as artificial intelligence to unprecedented heights, actively explore and financial technology firm cooperation, and set up a financial company of science and technology, innovation mechanism will be the financial science and technology to the ground such as artificial intelligence, there are six Banks, respectively, set up financial technology company, from from hand in hand to build their independence. Faced with the challenges of fintech, Banks are no longer anxious or fearful, but have moved from following to leading, from passive defense to active offense. The future wave will strengthen the construction of the financial ecosystem, commit to the implementation and practice of artificial intelligence in the financial industry, and promote the development of smart finance to the deep field.


At the above summit, zhou cheng, chief researcher of financial cloud of suning institute of finance, introduced practical cases and achievements of suning finance in the field of financial frontier technology, including big data risk control, financial AI, blockchain and financial cloud. Based on the pain points of the landing of enterprise AI, chai yafei, a partner of the fourth paradigm consultancy, analyzed the possible path of the landing of enterprise AI and showed how AI can realize business value for various financial scenarios.

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