Electrical power offer designed to provide microcontrollers in safety-relevant programs


Texas Devices TPS653853A-Q1/TPS653854A-Q1 Multi-Rail Electric power Source is intended to produce microcontrollers in safety-relevant applications, this sort of as those witnessed in the automotive sector. The system supports useful security microcontrollers with dual-core lockstep and other multi-core architectures. The devices integrate numerous supply rails to electric power the MCU, CAN or FlexRay, and exterior sensors. A buck-boost converter, with interior FETs, converts the input battery voltage among 2.3V and 36V into a 6V pre-regulator output that supplies one other regulators. An built-in charge pump offers an overdrive voltage for your interior regulators and can also be utilized to generate an exterior NMOS FET as reverse battery security. The system supports wake-up from an IGN pin or wake-up from the CAN transceiver or other signal.

The unit includes a steering-angle checking (SAM) unit that permits the European to indirectly seize the place of your steering wheel by means of the motor-position sensors. A focused low-power method permits this SAM device to operate even if the Ecu is in sleep mode. Built-in SAM-switches permit passing-through in the Motor-Position Sensor indicators towards the MCU for the duration of regular procedure or decoupling the MCU ADC inputs with the motor-position sensor alerts if the European is in snooze manner.

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An impartial voltage checking device in the unit monitors undervoltage and overvoltage on all inside source rails and regulator outputs in the battery supply. Regulator present limitations and temperature protections may also be applied. The equipment feature a question-answer watchdog, MCU error-signal monitor, clock checking to the inside oscillator, self-check on clock keep track of, CRC on non-volatile memory and SPI interaction. It also features a diagnostic output pin enabling MCU to observe unit internal analog and electronic signals, a reset circuit for that MCU (NRES pin), as well as a safety output (ENDRV pin) to disable external power-stages on any detected system-failure. The system instantly runs a BIST at startup, and also the MCU may possibly re-run the BIST all through system operate time by program control if needed. A dedicated DIAGNOSTIC state permits the MCU to check system features.

The equipment even have an error reporting potential by means of the SPI sign-up. The machine has individual position bits during the SPI register for every individual mistake on the procedure stage or machine amount. In the event the system identifies a selected mistake condition, it sets the suitable status little bit and retains this position bit set till the MCU reads-out the SPI sign-up through which this status little bit was set. Primarily based on which status bit was established, the MCU can decide whether it will have to keep the program inside of a safe condition or whether it can keep on the operation from the process. The equipment are AEC-Q100 qualified for automotive purposes.

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