5 Most Famous Monuments in Europe

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Europe is a place that welcomes millions of tourists yearly and there is a definite reason behind this great figure because, Europe has plenty of beautiful monuments in various countries like Spain, France, Italy, UK, and Greece, etc. These countries play an important part in promoting European tourism hence acts as a backbone for the same. People from all over the world visit Europe for experiencing its beautiful and attractive places. Now let’s discuss the top 5 famous monuments in Europe and let’s see if that helps you in planning your trip to any of the listed monument.

Eiffel Tower Paris, France

Eiffel tower or the Iron lady is the pride of Paris and France and is the most visited paid monument in the world with an average tourist count of 7 million yearly. Eiffel tower is the creation of Gustavo Eiffel and was constructed in 1889. The tower is 324 meters tall and is the tallest structure in Paris. Eiffel tower once used to be the tallest tower in the world between 1889 – 1930. You can book Eiffel Tower Tickets via the website in advance with skip the line access because the lines outside the counter become too long. 

The Colosseum Rome, Italy

The Great Colosseum once used to be the battleground of the gladiators, which has seen many executions and fights is an iconic arena. Colosseum holds a special place in Roman history, Colosseum has a capacity of hosting 50000 to 80000 spectators and is considered to be one of the greatest work of Roman architecture and engineering. The Colosseum is the largest amphitheater in the world and is a UNESCO world heritage site. You should definitely visit Rome Colosseum if you want to experience the real history of Rome.  

Sagrada Familia Barcelona, Spain

Third, on our list of the most famous monuments in Europe is the beautiful Sagrada Familia. The church is unfinished but still is the most visited destination in the whole of Spain. The Sagrada Familia began it’s 1882. It is the work of famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi (1852 – 1926) who is known for his unique designs and modern techniques used in the construction. We suggest you book Sagrada Familia Tickets in advance with skip the line access because as we said it is the most visited tourist destinations in Spain so you can expect a lot of rush. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should try visiting as early as possible.

Vatican Museums, Vatican City

The smallest country in the world the Vatican City also has one of the most visited tourist places in the world known as the Vatican Museums. The Vatican City is surrounded by Rome from all sides by a thick wall on its boundary. The Vatican Museums are simply amazing and very beautiful, the museums consist of many small museums joint together. There are plenty of amazing galleries to explore which are full of artwork and can’t be missed. 

Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

It is a bell tower known worldwide for its leaning position. The tilt began at the time of construction, the reason behind the tilt was the soil being too soft on the other side of the tower. The construction of the tower began in 1173 and completed in 1372. The height of the tower is 55 meters and is one of the most visited destinations in Italy. 


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