Dubai a great experience


I am a travel freak since I was in 6th grade. First, I used to just travel within my own country but as I grew up I become more fond of exploring the new places and tourist spots. I used to grab my stuff and went on a trip to any new place which I had heard of. But after visiting all the famous places of my country I began to think of traveling in foreign countries, I remember that my first foreign trip was with my friends when I was in college, we went to Malaysia and it was a great trip. Since then we made a pact of traveling to every new foreign destination once in a year. So, after Malaysia, we all planned a trip to Dubai. 

Dubai has been a favorite place for many of my friends, they are inspired by the great development which is shown by Dubai in the past 10-15 years. And how's not a fan of the great Skyscrapers and especially the outstanding Burj Khalifa. We all were excited to visit the Burj Khalifa so we made all the booking related to Burj Khalifa tour in advance so that we don't face problem at the time of entrance. 

Another reason for the Dubai visit was the culture of sheiks, they live such a lavish lifestyle that we can't imagine any other person can think of living like that. But on our first day, we just landed and went straight to the hotel to rest. The fun part of the day was night safari and belly dance in the desert. We didn't have any idea about how cold it gets during the night in the desert but it was crazy. 

Next day we went to the Dubai mall and did some shopping and after that ski Dubai. All the excitement was for Burj Khalifa and it was worth that excitement. The Building is so huge that its top can be seen from 95kms away. And it is almost equal to twice the height of the Empire state building. Visiting the world's highest observation deck on the 124th floor of Burj Khalifa was something incredible. It was a great trip. I recommend others that if you are a travel freak do visit Dubai and Burj Khalifa even once in your lifetime.

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