Visiting Rome


Italy has been a place for tourists for ages now. It is very famous because of its historical places, monuments, museums, etc. According to me the most famous place in Italy is the Rome Colosseum as it used to be the home of Gladiators, and Colosseum has played an important role in Italian history. 

Rome has many other destinations to visit such as the St. Peters Basilica, the Roman Forum, and the Vatican Museums which are in Vatican city. The interesting part about visiting Rome is that you can visit the Vatican city as well because the Vatican city is surrounded by Rome from all sides. 

But the main attraction of Rome is the Colosseum, the iconic arena has seen many executions, deaths and has been also used as a graveyard and praying area. Gladiators were used to fighting inside Colosseum and they were also kept as prisoners. There is a death bridge beneath the Colosseum which was used to carry the dead bodies of those who lost their lives during the fight. The Gladiators were also used to fight with animals and 80000 thousand of people used by the spectators. 

Just believe how it was felt as fighting for their lives in front of thousands of audience. It was a different feel when I visited the Colosseum, I had goosebumps when I stood on the turf of the arena. The only problem which we faced was the crowd but it wasn't that problematic as we booked our Rome Colosseum tickets in advance and we didn't face much problem while entering the arena. 

Overall it was a great trip and another destination which I like the most was the Duomo Florence and we did the same for Duomo as we book Duomo Florence tickets in advance to avoid all the rush and got the fast track entrance. As it the most visited place in Florence so people get entry issues and end up standing in a long queue. 



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