Touring Hong Kong in Crystal Bus 水晶巴士

The very first time I have heard about the crystal bus service was from my friend who booked one as the hospitality for his wedding. It was very attractive to me and my mum. Therefore I made a reservation of 2 to enjoy a wonderful time with her during a weekday afternoon. There are 2 P.M. tours. The earlier one tours around the busiest area in Hong Kong; while the other one takes you away from the hustle and bustle to enjoy the breathtaking scenery along Tsing Ma Bridge. Because of some other prior arrangements, we ended up choosing the earlier one, which is going around the city centres of Hong Kong. The purchase was made through the official website at http://www.crystalbus.com.hk.
The bus stop is not that obvious and honestly I couldn't see any bus stop at all. The tour starts at 12:15 and it would be good to arrive 10 minutes earlier to make sure you could spot the bus out from the busy street. The bus parks along on Hankow Road, next to the Peninsula Hotel. So bear in mind the two keywords when searching for the bus: Hankow Road, Peninsula Hotel. 
The bus is double decker. The lower deck is the VIP area and it could accommodate 10 persons. In the VIP area of course there is air conditioning. 

Apart from stylish dining tables, what makes it so special is that there are audio equipment, LED TV, PlayStation 4 and virtual reality headset for PS4! For sure it will be fun if you could arrange a group of friends or relatives to enjoy the together time.
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