(Reading Guidance, Episode.3) Detox Your Skin; Only Water for 14 Days

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  Hello, friends, we are now talking about the third reading guide of "Detox Your Skin; Only Water for 14 Days ".

  In the first and second readings, we talked about the origin of the book "skin detoxification". It is the "withdrawal reaction" of skin detoxification, which is really similar to the phenomenon of detoxification. So Kang Jian Magazine persuaded me to call it "skin detoxification."

  In addition, we are talking about what the so-called "poison" in skin detoxification is, also called "over-dose.".

  We are now discussing the risk of "excess risk of skin care products".

  If you have a book, in 24, 25 pages, you will find that we have written inside a word if you know it. drugs; we all feel that drugs are horrible, skin care products do not seem so horrible; but there you have overlooked several things, we start from the dose up.

  First, all the drugs, such as the long listed Aspirin.

  When Aspirin came on the market, we only knew it could relieve pain. But what we didn't know was that it could cause inflammation of the stomach. Then, after a while, we found that it could prevent a stroke. Or, if you eat too much, your blood will be very thin.

  Recently, even the new update report, 2017; I saw the report said recently, at low doses, some elderly people take Aspirin with the result of gout!

  We all feel that Aspirin is very weak and can not cause gout. But it will still do.

  This tells you, you know, all of these drugs are a single ingredient, and it had been already tested quite seriously by the first phase, phase second, and third phase of the drug experiment before the listing.....but even so, it may still produce many of the side effects!

  How can mankind prevent these side effects? It's simple. Here is a thing called "post-market monitoring", right here.

  In other words, physicians must constantly publish his views on the safety of drugs. For example, I found that Aspirin was a problem, so I quickly wrote a paper. The paper may be accepted and may not be accepted; but for a long time, when the paper become more, the pharmaceutical company will begin to pay attention to it. The US FDA, the World Food and Drug Administration, will begin to pay attention to this matter.

  In history, though we know drugs, why do you think drugs are dangerous? In fact, especially Western medicine, we know this stuff. For example, the previous one, if you still remember the event in 2001 - Sibutramine Event it is a very, very famous drug listed in 1996 - diet pills. It turned out to cause cardiovascular problems, thus we put it off the shelf.

  Then earlier, in 1960,a drug could cause children's "dolphin" (that is, lower extremity atrophy such as dolphin’s fetal malformations), a Thalidomide of pregnant women vomiting, this drug could cause that. We know this because physicians are constantly monitoring (mechanisms),.

  Now let's talk about what we said last time. If you don't hear it, please review the first guide.

  That is to say, if we continue to let Emperor of Tang Dynasty (Tang Tai-Zong 唐太宗) eat the braised beef noodles with hot and sour sauce (there is certainly no such thing at that time, we just make a hypothesis), is that the salt that makes his kidneys broken? Or pepper? Or salt and pepper at the same time? Or does the butter make his kidneys broken?

  As a matter of fact, you have to know how many ingredients there are in a package of noodles. It's not just salt; it has pepper. It has butter, doesn't it? It has beef, that is, it contains protein, fat, salt, and it also has chili, which has the function of stimulating the vasoconstriction.

  So, what exactly causes this person to stroke and cause this person to go wrong, we actually need more tests.

  But don't forget, skin care products, you look at the ingredients list of the skin care products. Casually are thirty, forty. The thirty and forty parts, we will mention again next time. Think about it, you don't know one part well, then you mix the thirty or forty ingredients together. Do you think it will be safer? Or is it more dangerous?

  But everyone thinks the skincare is safer than the medicine.(Really)? But in fact, yes, the skin care products are probably safer than drugs. While don't forget, you don't take your medicine every day, but you rub the skincare every day. Continuous rub it for two, three, four years. Then which is relatively large at the total amount of absorption in the end ? I think this can be discussed.

  OK, this is third issue today, and we're going to talk about the fourth period.













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