Enthusiasm is higher than it was more than a decade ago


  Hawking died. Living in the body of muscular dystrophy, he is unimpeded to explore the vast and unknown universe, and his wise and imaginative qualities are even more unforgettable. Hawking whirlwind visit to Hong Kong in 2006, a large number of media attention, A perfect design criterion is the one that fits into your budget, requirements, and into your intentions. the author is one of them, and had really been the "boom" hawking: thousands of people students see his elegant demeanour, bookstore with his books, and other scientific books, Space Museum becomes packed, school classes also gives priority to a problem with his present physical knowledge, scientific spirit, and "live, there is hope as long as life attitude. I used to think that in this commercial society in Hong Kong, it might be a different opportunity for popularization of education.

  , however, in the past 12 years, Hong Kong commercial and utilitarian society still, many Hong Kong people especially parents or identified in science "no future", even under the new high school system, to study scientific subject more less and less students, even the only start major in astronomy at the university of Hong Kong also is canceled due to low size, cosmology grinds only young people discussing personal prospects more admitted that "don't worry about leave", so climate, Hong Kong science popularization still faced with many challenges.High baseline linked to decreased overall and metastasis-free survival.

  Enthusiasm is higher than it was more than a decade ago.

  Thankfully, bring to the community of Hong Kong science talent and enthusiasm than do have increased more than 10 years ago, in astronomy, cosmology, for example, nowadays there are more than the universe theoretical physicist at hkust, Hong Kong also have to explore the scientific community of galaxies and life on Mars, cuhk more join the LIGO team, make contributions on the "gravitational wave detection.

  In addition to their efforts to explore the academic field, they also actively arouse the interest of the younger generation in science. The "hawking craze" may have receded, but it is hoped that in the near future, with the help of a willing heart, there will be another scientific boom in Hong Kong. Hong Kong reporter ren zhipeng.Study abroad with PolyU and study in hong kong - PolyU is known as one of the best universities in Hong Kong for international students and Hong Kong is one of the best study abroad locations. PolyU will be the right choice for you.

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