I will show three red

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Yes; Aneth. She will, of course, refuse to go willingly, having given Kāra her word. I will accompany the party as her keeper, and we must find some way to induce Lord Roane to join us also. Once afloat on the mysterious river, Kāra will have no means of knowing what has become of his victims, and before we return, my friend, we shall have perfected such arrangements as will render the prince’s intention to marry our Aneth impossible. That is why I desire Lord Roane to join the party. He also will be safe from Kāra for a time.”

I understand you now,” said Winston; and while I do not see quite to the end of the adventure, the plan will at least give us time to formulate our future action and enable us to thwart Kāra’s immediate schemes.”{215}

That is my idea,” she returned. Something must be done at once; and by abducting Aneth, we not only gain time, but save her temporarily from the consequences of her own folly.”

Then she turned to Tadros.

What do you think of my plan?” she asked.

It is excellent,” said he, except for one thing; there are several spies about this hotel, who would at once follow us and inform Kāra that we had boarded the dahabeah; but I think I can find a way to throw them off the scent. They are under my orders, and I will send them to other stations before nine o’clock. Aside from this, then, do I understand that my only duty is to deliver the young lady on board the dahabeah?”

That is all we ask.”

I will show three red lights,” said Winston, so that you cannot mistake the exact location of the boat.”

I know the boat,” replied the dragoman. Abdallah, your engineer, is a friend of mine.”

You will not fail us?” asked Mrs. Everingham, anxiously. All depends upon you, Tadros!”

I know, and I will not fail you,” he said.

I believe you will earn the three thousand pounds,” remarked Winston, significantly.

As for that, sir,” replied the dragoman, with dignity, I hope you will give me credit for a little humanity as well as cupidity. Being an Egyptian, I love money;{216} being a man, I am eager to assist a woman in distress. But, above all else, I shall have pleasure in defying Kāra, who hates me as heartily as I hate him. Thus, three passions vouch for my fidelity—love, pity and hatred. Can you doubt my devotion to the cause?”

After this he went away, leaving his fellow-conspirators to plan the details of the evening’s adventure.

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