One Michelin star, three ramen in Tokyo


Hello everyone, this is AlfredCome to Central IFC to try this one behind me todayThe golden color that just opened last week is not as goodThis restaurant has three elementsIt's Michelin, Cross River Dragon, RamenYou hear these three elementsI should also smileBecause the restaurant I took in the pastIf these three elements are gatheredMy dining experience is generally not good eitherBut this one is a little differentI used to say that Michelin passed Jiang LongThose restaurants are just getting Bibendum recommendationsNot starBut it ’s better to get one star in goldStar status and referral status, difficultyThere are only three ramen restaurants in TokyoAnd this is the star picking for two consecutive years (2019, 2020)I rarely go to a new restaurant so fastBut I just went to Tokyo a few weeks agoTried their Japanese restaurant, really picked Xing Na'sJust finished eating, fresh memoriesSo try the Hong Kong branch todaySee if the ramen they made looks like our Japanese restaurantThe first thing depends on the environmentThe store is about 3-4 times larger than our main store in Tokyo.The decoration style is very different from our traditional styleUnparalleled, color and lighting designIt's a bit like Tagano we just finishedThere is a feeling of prestigeSpecial praise for their leadKnow how to arrange diners to sit downMake diners comfortableNot just inconvenient to do the wildThis is rare in Hong KongSignature Ramen $ 128 per bowlEggs have to add extra money and charge 10% service chargeRamen charges I mentioned a lot in the previous pieceI won't repeat it this timePlease leave a message to discuss itThe whole menu is only a few pagesActually come here to eatI eat those two ramenEverything else is not the pointThe golden color is better known as the shellfish soup baseThe main umami comes from DaquanThe soup base in the Hong Kong branch is not the kind that Japan sends soup buns to boil.I cook it myself in Hong Kong every dayDue to the different varieties of Japanese cockroach available in Hong Kong and JapanOur founder came to Hong Kong to modify the formulaMake sure it tastes the same as our restaurantAccording to my first-hand newsHong Kong uses two different buildingsI wo n』t say which two, I 』m not sure if it ’s a trade secretAnd this is seasonal and will change laterThe founder will come to Hong Kong to adjust the recipeAt this stage, the proportion of salt they drop is reduced.But I actually tried it, the soup base in Hong Kong is a little bit saltier than our main restaurant in TokyoThis shop has two signature dishesRamen with shellfish salt and ramen with shellfish sauceBoth of us will trySalted Ramen with Shellfish SauceThe soup base is mixed with wonton soup, tonkotsu soup and fish soupJapanese sea salt, white truffle oil, porcini sauce, minced bacon and vanillaSelling looks a little different from our Tokyo storeBut it should be intentionalBecause when I look at the Hong Kong menu, it looks like thisThis soup is deliciousThe taste of ravioli is more prominent than what I have eaten in TokyoWhat ’s so special about this bowl of ramenIn addition to the taste, I also deliberately worked on the aromaThat is, we usually say that the fragrance in the color and fragranceRarely does ramen deliberately do thisWhite truffle oil and porcini sauceGives aroma rather than taste to foodPersonally I do n』t like white truffle oilIn fact, there is the sweetness of the big boletus and the smell of boletusThis bowl of noodles is already completeSoy sauce ramenThree-in-one soup with soup, tonkotsu and fishBut added soy sauce, black truffle sauce, porcini powder and porcini oilI think the taste is too complicatedCovering the sweetness of DasaoI like the first bowl moreBut this bowl is not badThe taste is richer and more saltyThe noodles are homemade and use five different floursIncluding Spring Love in HokkaidoThis is the source of their noodles with a little wheat flavorAlso said beforeI think the noodles in the ramen shop must be homemadeNot available, except to control qualityIt seems like thisHe bought a recipe for Hong KongThere is actually a confidentiality agreementIf it is better than other noodlesThe recipe has a chance to leak outSo you see some ramen shopsThe noodles are made by another noodle factoryWhich means that their noodles are nothing specialNot afraid of secret recipes to let people know, in simple terms, ordinary goodsTwo pieces of low-temperature barbecued pork in each bowl of noodlesFat and thin, soft and a little mouth-feelingYou can also eat the sweetness of porkIt would be better if it could be cut thickerIt will be easier to feel the soft tasteFollowed by Weiyu with additional moneyA little color on the outsideBut it does n』t taste soyFirst, the soy sauce is too lightOne is not enough timeIn terms of ripeness, a little bitEgg yolk is too liquidI personally don't mindFinished ramenToday's restaurant, regardless of priceEntire dining experienceI think it's better than our main store in TokyoThis is rareGenerally, it will be a lot worse for Jiang Long to come to Hong KongFirst of all, the environment here is much better than Japan (x3)The most amazing is the waiter's service attitude and politenessMuch better than our main store in TokyoIn fact, their service in Tokyo is a bit like "Australian"Worse than average tea restaurantOur reviews and other detailsPlease pay attention to my Tokyo Vlog laterTalking back to foodRamen is close to our Japanese restaurant as a wholeTastes similarPersonallyI even feel like this bowl of noodles todaySlightly better than our restaurantPlus, I 』m sitting and serving.

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No need to line upIf you want to try Michelin Star RamenThis is a good choiceSpeaking of this today, remember to subscribe and like to add emoticonsSee you next time Byebye

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