The card is simple to get started, and the explosion card ba...


First cut the paper out of the box according to different sizes: 30x30 cm squareInner page 1: 27X27 cm squareInner page 2 (with pocket): 23X23 cm squareLid: 18.8X18.5cm squareTake the paper out of the box (30X30 cm) and turn it overDraw a horizontal line every 10 cmGo to the other sideAlso draw a horizontal line at every 10 cmUpon completion, you will get a box with 9 grids.And each cell is 10x10 cmThen take a piece of paper and cut it into a 10x10 cm squareFold from diagonal to a triangleCut an arc at one cornerIt will be a loveTake out the box paperLove is depicted in the four corners of the Jiugong gridCut out the excess of loveI 』m not cutting loveCome out again with a utility knifeThat's right, it's our knife back timeUse the back of the knife once where you have drawn with a pencilEvery love is also drawn once from the diagonal to the bottom of the loveErase the pencil marks with an eraserYou can easily fold the 10X10 cm outer box.

The diagonal part of the love must be folded inward and the rest folded outwardBox body completed :))Then come out the inner page (27x27 cm) of paperDraw a horizontal line at every 9 cmThe same wayUpon completion, you will get 9 grids of 9x9 cm each.Then cut out the four cornersUse the back of the knife to draw a crease where there is a pencilAfter folding up, inner page 1 is completedTake out the inner page 2 paperThis time we are going to make a pocketSo the left and right sides should have 1 cm sticky edges.Draw lines on paper according to 8 cm, 7 cm, and 8 cm respectively8 cm, 7 cm, 8 cmThen cut the line to the right of the bottom left corner of the gridSame goes for turningUntil 4 corners are completedThen use the back of the knife to draw a 1 cm sticky edge at the upper left of each cornerUse the back of the knife to draw a polyline at the line where the pencil is drawnCombined it will be a pocket inside page 2Adhesive edge part is fixed with double-sided tapeInner page 2 is completed :))Take out the lid paper and draw a horizontal line 4 cm above and belowSame goes for turningCut out triangles at four corners (sticky edges)Select one side and cut 4 cm above and below (one for each triangle)Scratch a crease with the back of a knifeDouble-sided tape on each side of the triangleAssemblyThe lid is finished :))Take the final steps 囉Apply double-sided tape to the inside squareSquare pasted on the center line of the gift boxSame for Inner Page 2Cover the base of the explosion box and you're done!Of course, you can put photos, put gifts, and paste them on various institutions.

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The outer box can also be decorated as you likeIt will be more pleasant to tie the ribbonIsn't it beautiful? Try it quickly ^ ____ ^If you support me, help me share the video with more people.Love you guys

Sasha loves painting] everyone can be a literary youth!

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