Roberta Tresslar : Medical Intuitive and Sound Healing


Roberta Tresslar : Medical Intuitive and Sound Healing 

 A Medical intuitive is a practitioner that uses their intuitive abilities, or senses to locate dis-ease in the energetic, physical, and spiritual bodies. Some known medical intuits would be Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), Caroline Myss, and Jesus. Jesus being the highest level of medical Intuitive there has ever been. Medical intuition has a lot of similarities to sound healing, one of course would be working from source. Medical intuition and sound therapy can be used together to create a treatment practice that is beneficial to the client as well as self-empowering.

Since everyone differs in how they use their senses, Medical Intuits can view the body with all their senses or just one sense. They can get a brood picture on what is happening emotionally, physically, and spiritually to the body of an individual. Thoughts especially negative ones can create pathology in the physical and emotional bodies. Medical intuits can sense what is going on with the body before disease sets in. They offer clarity, support, awareness, and guidance over issues that can be unclear with regular medical practices. They can read people’s energy bodies, without that individual being present. Medical Intuits can scan people’s energy fields over the phone, or in recent pictures. Medical Intuits often work in conjunction with medical doctors to determine the best course of action for an individual’s care.

There are three areas that can make a reading difficult, fear, emotions, and expectations. When you are feeling fearful, having a lot of emotional turmoil going on inside, or putting high expectations on yourself to make the reading occur, then you are no longer in God mind, you are in your ego. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to achieve in life, and as soon as the ego takes over you are no longer working with your intuition. Worrying about being “right” is the opposite of intuition. A good place to start would be to use some vibrational healing on yourself such as tuning forks or toning, to get yourself grounded and connected to God mind.

Once you are centered, you can start scanning your clients, energy field. Before tuning into a client’s energy field, one needs to ask for permission. Medical intuition is an evasive process and is difficult to do if a client isn’t open to being scanned. Opinions vary among practitioners as to whether you should protect yourself and your energy field. Proponents of self-protection have used Reiki symbols and various colors for protection. Randy’s pistachio green circuit is an awesome protection, for example. Or the Reader can use whatever resonates for him or her. However, other medical intuits will say that protecting your energy field blocks or lessens the connection with your client. They suggest asking Source not to take energies or issues on and then let it go. Using the tetrahedron would be another good way to protect yourself and your client if you choose too.

Tuning in to One’s energy field is like projecting a laser going into a person’s body with your mind. Just take your focus and narrow it down to a laser beam from your third eye, located between the eyebrows in the center of the forehead. Interpretation of the energy field can be misleading. What you’re trying to do is be a receiver. Allow the information to come to you. As soon as you start to make interpretations, you are off course from God mind. Interpretation puts you back into your thinking mind. Some medical intuits will say start at the top of the head and scan the whole body, organs, and receive the information. Others might suggest going right to  a client’s problem areas, or focusing on the area they first feel guided to.  There isn’t a right or wrong way here. Allow source to guide you. You can’t go wrong when you’re guided by spirit. Always ask your spirit guides, angels, God whoever resonates for you, and the clients angels and guides to be there and help assist in the examination process. While going through the scanning process, keep a dialogued with your client. You may see pictures you don’t understand, and need their interpretation on what you see. Always discuss what you see, hear smell, taste, feel, know. This keeps your client involved in the process and can better assist you in helping them.

Medical intuition and sound healing are similar in many ways. First, you’re allowing source to guide you in these processes. You’re empowering your client by including them in these healing processes. In sound healing, you’re asking your client to make a sound of what they are feeling and giving them an assignment to continue their healing processes. In medical intuition, you’re having your client tell you what you are sensing and dialoguing throughout the process. You can also add homework assignments to this process as well, further helping your client in their healing process.

These processes can also work very well together. You can tune into Source and have these processes overlap one another through out a session with a client. While scanning an area of the body, that’s causing the client discomfort, one can ask them to make the sound of the area of discomfort. Then, the facilitator along with the patient can visualize a healing color on the area of discomfort. The facilitator can then use a  sound, whether it be by tuning fork, voice, or other instruments to vibrate on that part of the body adding to the healing process. Instruments and voice combined with the medical intuitive reading can add to the detection of energy blockages in all three bodies. The reader can be scanning the body, while using an instrument or voice. By using both, there can be a more detailed and accurate reading of energy to focus on getting a better idea of what’s going on with their patient. Sound healing also keeps the facilitator grounded and out of ego states, if these issues come up during a session. Sound Healing and medical intuition can work together interchangeably. The more senses involved the greater the capacity for healing. We all have the ability to heal ourselves, it’s just remembering how to do so and tapping into source.















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