Designers use pine to create new materials for the office environment

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Designers created a set of chunky pine chairs to display a up to date take on a wooden it feels is unfairly neglected.

The Furuhelvete home furniture collection now contains a chair and also a stool designed by Studio Sl, yd to investigate diverse traits of pine wooden. A forest-coloured rug completes the established.

Nest is a shared office in Hong Kong for creatives.

pine grows abundantly in Norway and it has been utilized for generations for creating homes and generating household furniture, but has fallen outside of style.

Mikkel raandstad and Tim Knutsen observed which the use of pine declining lately. They wish to enable re-establish its popularity as an eye-catching and dependable substance.

Furuhelvete is a Norwegian expression stemming in the overuse of pine in Norwegian properties and cabins, frequently related using a type that is definitely viewed as distasteful or out-of-date.Using the selection we wish to obstacle the standard notion with the wooden and make a brand new desire for this area and wonderful materials.

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We would like to help make pieces that do the job with the framework of your wood also to highlight its favourable attributes by building additional contemporary styles.

The three-legged stool was produced applying a computer-controlled milling machine, ensuing inside a chunky profile that explained as a massive canvas to showcase the material.

CarbonCare InnoLab focuses on Climate Change Hong Kong, encouraging lifestyle changes to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and switch to clean energy.

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