InPortal3012 Series

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InPortal3012 Series
Transport-Grade LTE Hotspot & Wi-Fi Media Hub

The InPortal3012 is a step forward in upgrading public transportation services in the Internet era. Embedded with both NGINX web server and local SSD storage, the product is a dedicated vehicle Wi-Fi media hub. Vehicle passengers may either connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot to surf the Internet, or enjoy the VOD movies stored on its local memory. 

Powerful 4G Wi-Fi Portal

The powerful Wi-Fi portal is embedded with dual 4G modules, dual Wi-Fi bands and 2x2 MIMO technologies, can provide great Wi-Fi experience on the bus, including blazing fast video streaming.


 Integrating two 4G cellular modules to provide reliable high-speed LTE access, downlink speeds up to 100Mbps and uplink speeds 50Mbps 

 Support link quality inspection and auto-recovery to ensure reliable LTE connection 

 Dual Wi-Fi bands: 2.4GHz and 5.8GH, fully compliant with IEEE802.11 ac/a/b/g/n standards

● With 2X2 MIMO enabled, Wi-Fi bandwidth can reach up to 1.2Gbps, giving excellent multi-user usage experience 


Internet Behaviour Management

The InPortal supports QoS, black and white lists of websites to help coach operators set a control on the Internet behaviours of passengers, e.g. limit per-user bandwidth and traffic with QoS. 


 Support visitor authentication by SMS or social-media accounts 

 Support QoS to limit per-user bandwidth and traffic, preventing overages while protecting latency-sensitive traffic 

 Support website blacklist and whitelist

Mass Local Storage

The local storage on the device, optional from 16GB to 256GB, can be used to store local web contents, movies, music, and games, to facilitate local access and save Internet bandwidth. 


 16GB to 256GB SSD storage optional, resistant to shock and vibration during the drive 

 Hybrid content update mechanisms: 

   Remote synchronization mode: sync contents with the cloud; 

   Local synchronization mode: update contents through SD card or FTP

Transport-grade Ruggedness

The Inportal3012 is built with transport-grade ruggedness to withstand the challenging conditions in a confined space on a moving vehicle.


+ Transport-grade power module, resistant to voltage dips, overruns, shorts and other failures 

+ Support automatic power control with ACC signal to protect SSD and vehicle battery 

+ Fanless cooling design simplifies installation

Efficient Cloud-based Management

Working with Rainbow Cloud, InPortal3012 can help coach operators setup advanced operation systems to centrally manage thousands of InPortal3012s on the move, either configuring visitor policies or updating media content on the devices. 


+ Work with Rainbow Cloud to realize device management, content management, vehicle location tracking, visitor behaviour management, statistical reporting and other functions 

+ Support CLI, Web UI and SNMPv3 for efficient network management 

+ With GPS enabled, IP3012 can track the location, speed and course over ground of the vehicles 

+ Support IPSec VPN, DMVPN, L2TP, SSL VPN, and CA certification to ensure data security


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