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In order to lighten the burden of schooling and solve the problem of tuition fees in some schools after class, for the consideration of these two points, most primary schools carry out the "half past three school break". However, this seems to be a way to reduce the burden of the students and control the charge for the school, but it has brought many problems to the parents of the working people. Primary school students "half past three school": worried about the parents happy training institutions.The new polyu admission portal is a one-stop platform aimed at handling applications of university degree courses. With PolyU e Admission, the application process is refined into three simple steps.


Since last year, with the further emphasis on the reduction of primary and secondary schools, some places have taken the afternoon of primary school to half past three in advance. There are many parents applauded this, but some parents are not happy, because it is half past three in the afternoon during the work, if there is no grandparents grandparents or other relatives and friends for home to pick up the kids from school brings a lot of trouble. Even parents who can pick up the kids, there are untold suffering, because the child after school after school, then exactly what to do, also worry about the bad parents, no wonder the bad music training institutions.


So, how does this idea come from school early in the afternoon, and what is the purpose of school at half past three p.m.? The answer is self-evident: reduce the burden. Many people, including educators, believe this. They believe that as long as their children leave school early, they will reduce their burdens. But this idea is quite naive. If we leave school, it means reducing burdens. When we should rest on holidays, children are forced to go to all kinds of interest classes or special classes.


It can be seen that in order to "reduce the burden" to advance the afternoon from school time to half past three, this itself is funny, because it does not help much to reduce the burden. If it's only early in the afternoon, and homework is not left behind, and it's still a matter of success or failure in terms of scores, no one can prevent parents from forcing children to attend various tutorial classes in the afternoon. Therefore, in order to reduce the burden and advance the time of school in the afternoon, it violates the teaching rule first, not only can not reduce the burden, but also bull market brings trouble to many students and parents.


So the question comes, what should the pupils say in the afternoon? At several points, the school should not be the only one in the educational administration, but to seek the opinions of the students, the parents and the school. Are the schools in which the students and parents are asked for the early afternoon school? I'm afraid not. If we can do well in advance and take full account of the feelings of the majority of students and parents, there will be no such controversy. If you want to go to school ahead of time, the school should do a wide survey among students and parents, and know how much the students and parents have in advance. If the school can't do it, let the education department do it.


Today, the school's school time is "one size fits all", the school has no autonomy. If a majority of students and parents do not agree to leave school early, but in the face of a decree issued by the competent department of education, they will have to carry out it, which is the main reason for complaints. It is not "elastic school" said, as of last February, the Ministry of Education issued a "guidance" on the good students after class service, the service class work into the school evaluation system, requiring schools to use management, personnel, facilities, resources and other aspects of the advantages, take responsibility for students after service. Some places did comply with it, especially for senior students, but some schools were unable to perform because of limited conditions.


It can be seen that the educational authorities should give the school the right to let the schools decide on their own time of school on the basis of full investigation, rather than "one size fits all". That is to say, we should let students and parents have the final say. Schools should consult students and parents' opinions, and decide the best time to finish school in the afternoon according to their own reality. If not, Check out the most popular sightseeing spots and attractions in via PartnerNet's website and create unforgettable experiences for tourists.should also allow schools to engage in flexible leave school". Only by breaking the "one knife", giving more autonomy to the school, and when in the afternoon, can the most students and parents be satisfied to the greatest extent.


Thus, education departments must emancipate the mind, rather than the power to engage in "great unity" or "across the board", sometimes, a kind of thinking, more consideration to the actual school, fully listen to the students, parents and teachers, than education department head when school is more practical.

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