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When pupils meet with Su Shi

Tsinghua University with a small six (4) class a WeChat article "fire", the traffic has more than 100,000.

come with a particular intention ensuring a greater bonding with business advocates for future. Selecting such gifts require keen understanding of whom you are presenting such valuables.

In this WeChat push entitled "When Pupils Meet Su Shi," we have presented several reports on the subject of Su Shi by sixth graders in this class. These small topics include: Su Shi poetry in which word appears the highest frequency, Su Shi poetry to which scenic area brand value contribution is higher ...

With the help of their parents, six (4) primary school students of Grade 5 (4) used high-frequency words and word analysis software to conduct a word segmentation study of Su Shi's 3458 poems, and through the time when poetry years and high-frequency words appeared, restored Su Shi's Experience. They found that each time Su Shi was relegated, the word "return" increased in frequency and the finding more closely linked Su Shi's "return" poetry to his ups and downs.

Six (4) classes Two students Mei Chu Xuan and Sun Tianning's research paper "Outstanding Demystification - Su Shi's tourism brand value analysis" mentioned that Su Shi has been to many places in his life, but also praised a lot of beauty with poetry, many of these beautiful later Become a scenic spot, Su Shi has become their best "spokesperson." So what is the value of his brand? Children will be reduced to the scope of the national 5A scenic spots and found that there are 27 scenic spots mentioned by Su Shi. Suppose there is a corresponding relationship between the reception number of scenic spots and the value of the scenic spots, roughly drawing the value of these scenic spots; the number of poems written by Su Shi for this scenic spot is proportionally converted into its contribution to the intangible assets of the scenic spots.

Exploratory learning especially bogey "Shihiro effect"

Tsinghua Elementary School children using big data to analyze Su Shi and write a high level of papers, this is indeed a stunning inquiry-based learning, this method allows children to participate in practice and inquiry in learning to learn, learn Use, learned to grow talent.

Reckoned as one of the top design universities with diversity of programmes, PolyU offers design programmes, fashion and textiles programmes, as well as applied science programme, which is committed to be a hub for innovative design education in Hong Kong.

However, the typical case of education can only be a case without the possibility of absolute reproduction. Inquiry-based learning encourages primary and secondary students to learn knowledge and improve literacy through inquiry, so as to achieve the goal of completing their studies and developing their abilities. However, inquiry-based learning is not a stereotyped "group - hands-on + practice - to complete the research project results" mode. In reality, many of our inquiry-based learning methods and behaviors are quietly carried out in school. For example, repeated thinking and argumentation on a mathematical problem lead to results. For example, a careful analysis of a norm creates a high Quality essay, for example, in the hands to find some novel and interesting phenomena to study and achieve small results, these are inquiry-based learning behavior and categories.

Not all inquiry-based learning results in "fruit" similar to "big data Su Shi". Some inquiry-based learning may encounter unexpected embarrassment and confusion in the process of implementation. For example, individual school students simply do not buy inquiry-based learning, they are not interested in the "homework" arranged by parents and teachers, while others are scrambling to complete the thesis , While others are more parents on behalf of others, while others are formally belligerent, the results can not be taken ... Why does inquiry-based learning have very different results? The crux of the matter is that if one blindly pursues the form and neglects the science and rationality of education, neglects the students' interest and growth needs and neglects the initiative of the students to dig, it will fall into the deformity of the "effective application of East China."

Over the course 8 years in hospitalized children has increased as much as 700% in the US.

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