Term Paper on Child Abuse Youth Issues Topic Ideas

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Term Paper on Child Abuse Youth Issues Topic Ideas

  • "An Empty Space with a Long Cry": Disappearance in Seamus Deane's Reading in the Dark.

In this essay an essay writer looks at the theme of disappearance in Seamus Deane's Reading in the Dark, especially considering the ways this theme intersects with ideas of politics, family, and childhood in the story.

  • A Book Report on a Child Called It

This paper is a book report on the book, A Child Called "It". There are four different parts to this book report. The first part addresses why the book was chosen and it tells what the reader gained from reading the book. The second part is the reason the writer wrote the book, which is to inform others about child abuse. The third part of the book report is to choose a profounding paragraph. The fourth part addresses whether the book was interesting.

  • A Deductive Argument Against Abortion

This is a deductive argument on abortion. Three main reasons are given for abortion: Women die when abortion is illegal, fetus is not a living person, and women who are raped should be allowed to have abortions. This paper discusses the three arguments and show how statistics state they are not completely true. If these reasons are not true, then why is the nation not protecting these unborn babies?

  • A Discussion of the Negative Impact of Single-Mother Families on Children.

This paper will examine an article that deals specifically with single-mother, as opposed to single-parent families. The focus will be narrowed from a discussion of the negative influences of the institution of the single-parent family in terms of society in general, to an analysis of the negative impact single-mother families have upon children. A writer have to use geography help to find different sources and to compare it.

  • A Moment in Time

This is a paper discussing the relationship between a father and a son. The relationship is a Taiwan father and son. It reflects on the desire of the son to tell his father that he was proud of him and that he was worried that his father was too stressed. The moment in time for the son to tell his father his feelings never comes, because the father has a heart attack. If the son could live this moment over, he would. However, this moment in time has taught him life lessons.

  • A New Life

This is an essay about how a young person's life can change quickly when parents split up and divorce. When the mother decides to leave and go and live with a new boyfriend, the child's world is turned upside down. The essay talks about how to cope with a parental divorce and the recovery and closure that come about with time. A new family enters the picture. 

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