The LTC7060 half-bridge driver IC for N-channel MOSFETs


The LTC7060 half-bridge driver IC for N-channel MOSFETs targets power-conversion needs in automotive, industrial, and telecom fields with programmable dead time, shoot-through security, and floating grounds.

Discover our half bridge driver, with excellent ruggedness and noise immunity, they are perfect for motor drives, home appliance and battery powered applications.Electrical power gadgets for instance N-channel MOSFETs rely on a controllable, well-behaved driver to handle their significant on/off timing and other vital attributes. The LTC7060 half-bridge driver developed by Analog Equipment targets the needs on the half- and full-bridge converters applied in automotive, industrial, and telecom electricity techniques. It attributes conveniently programmable useless time and shoot-through security, bolstered by a novel double floating-ground architecture for both equally the low- and high-side gate motorists.

This arrangement for driving twin N-channel MOSFETs makes the device?outputs robust and fewer sensitive to floor sounds. Meanwhile, the symmetric style and design will allow the half-bridge output to become inverting or non-inverting with regard into the input logic. Its sounds immunity tolerates ?10-V ground distinction between enter and output ground potentials.

In operation, the LTC7060 accepts a ground-referenced, low-voltage electronic pulse-width-modulated (pWM) sign to generate two N-channel electric power MOSFETs inside of a half-bridge configuration (see figure). The gate in the low-side MOSFET is driven high or minimal, transitioning concerning the bottom-side driver voltage plus the bottom-side floor voltage depending on the point out of the pWM pin. Similarly, the gate from the high-side MOSFET is pushed within a mode which happens to be complementary to that from the low-side MOSFET, swinging between the top-side driver voltage as well as the top-side MOSFET driver return.


IC integrates six MOSFET half-bridge outputs

The IC integrates a singular safety attribute

The six integrated MOSFET 50 percent bridges can be related independently

protection to the external energy gadgets can also be built-in

Half-Bridge Driver Functions Floating Grounds

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