There are lentils like channa and rajma


Omega 3 capsule2. "Not only could I not cook any non-vegetarian food, I couldn’t even bring home any leftovers if I went out to dine," says the research scholar with TISS. Even pastries and cakes made in certain shops uses animal lard and the fat as well. Even butter contains animal fat. "Sauces, dressings, preservatives and flavour enhancing agents, food colours have many hidden non-vegetarian elements like fish egg powder, and egg yolk.However, he goes on to add that if one has indeed made up their mind to kick animal byproducts out of their diet, it’s an achievable target. One need merely look for them," he concludes."Arif Chunawala of Fairmont Group defends vegetarians-only buildings and apartments as the need of the hour, despite admitting that he himself is a non-vegetarian. Normal plants like cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage are great sources of amino acids. "The locality where my vegetarians-only building will be built has a Jain derasar, and as a businessman I’ll do things that will enhance my sale and bring me better rates. Many chocolates contain eggs, as do cakes and ice cream. Body care productsWith inputs from Nishtha Kanal. This even means shutting all the windows and switching on the exhaust fans before cooking a non-veg meal, so the smell won’t waft into their houses.Are you a meat-consuming vegetarian too?Nutritionists believe that even if it’s just inadvertent, animal byproducts seep into regular vegetarians’ lives. Often finding a house that not only has a landlord who approves of their dietary habits, but also has understanding neighbours, is a tall order."Adds dietician and nutritionist Kanchan Patwardhan,  "Jellies that children love consuming could contain gelatin too, which is made up of collagen. You don’t necessarily need to get your protein from animal, as plant-based product can give you enough protein too. "Even if someone is prescribed a vegetarian Omega 3 capsule, the outer mask or shell is made of gelatin, which is obtained from animal sources."Besides food, Kanchan warns that these elements can be present in your cosmetic kits as well. And I know these flats will sell faster, specifically because we’re catering to the niche of vegetarian buyers," he shrugs."The builder points out that intrigue about who they will be sharing the building with, is on top of most potential buyers’ minds. Those who know about our food preference, however, are even averse to eating in our house — including times like Diwali, when it’s polite to nibble on an offering. "Plant products are very powerful that way. Her vegetarian roommates barred her from eating her favourite meal of fish curry and rice, even in the confines of her own room.Meghamrita’s problem is shared by many meat eaters in Mumbai. Seeds like sunflower, watermelon, pumpkin sesame seeds can be used.When Meghamrita Chakraborty first came to Mumbai from Kolkata, she was in for a rude shock. Besides this, there are plenty vegetarian and organic cosmetics, soaps and shampoos that are available in the market. Jelly3. "One must respect the sentiments of the people. There are also many that are not tested on animals. Consumers often do not realise that Protein supplements they eat may also have animal sources. "Often supplements and capsules have certain elements of animal byproducts in them," reveals Tripti Gupta, lifestyle and nutrition consultant. Many a times, people tend to consume the likes of ice creams while fasting, only because it’s made of milk, without realising it contains animal byproducts. Indeed, dietary preferences have become the new caste and class barrier, with news about flat owners refusing to sell or lease their apartments to meat eaters cropping up regularly.

There are lentils like channa and rajma that can help you get more than sufficient protein supplements, as will nuts. There are traces of animals that get into everyone, even if they’re vegetarians," warns integrative and lifestyle medicine expert, Luke Coutinho. "Say when it comes to Omega 3, instead of fish oil, you could substitute it with Wholesale garden pond water pump flax seeds and flax seed oil instead. Sauces, food colour, preservatives4.""Right from cosmetics, shampoos, soaps and even supplements like calcium — which uses shell of fish — in many ways we are having animal product in our diets.Things that contain animal byproduct1. Sometimes certain products come unmarked — no red or green dots — that tends to confuse people. It always takes two to tango and as a non-veg eating Muslim I want to set an example as well as make a good selling of my product," he says.A Mumbai resident on the condition of anonymity reveals that neighbours too can turn up their noses at you, if you consume non-vegetarian food. High protein supplements contain casein, which is vegetarian and albumin, which is again produced from eggs casein often has to be fortified with albumin to get a complete high protein supplement, these details are generally not mentioned in depth on the labels and people often unknowingly consume these products.

These are added specially to make the product look fluffy. The colours used in ice creams for instance also contain elements that are not completely vegetarian.Tripti GuptaBesides your regular supplements and usual suspects like cakes, Tripti says that seasoning too can be put under the scanner. It’s easy to adulterate in these situations. "When a person buys a flat, they often ask ‘Who is my neighbour?’ When I’d put a teaser about my building in the papers last year, the maximum number of responses came from vegetarians, who prefer not having the smell of meat around the place where they have their place of worship."Luke works on the mantra that it’s not how much protein that gets into your body, but the quality of it that goes in. "Sometimes creams and other body care products make use of animal fat to make skin supple and smooth. "I live in a predominantly Jain society in Borivili, and have often been made to feel very conscious of my eating preferences. However, these are clearly mentioned as ingredients, and one needs to keep an eye out on the contents written on the bottle. "The one time I did, they wouldn’t let me even wash my utensils with the kitchen soap," she continues

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