Mainstreaming grows along with special education population


Jack now spends approximately 80 percent of his time in regular classrooms. His mother, Lisa, said the Martin family has been fortunate Jack is now well-adjusted in a regular classroom, and his special education teachers and an assistant teacher have provided the right support for his inclusion in a regular class.

"A lot of the time, it is difficult to tell what that is; autism is such a unique form of disability because everybody is so different and everybody is on different parts of that spectrum, so that is probably the most frustrating part for an autism parent when navigating the education system," Lisa Martin said.

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Special education is a growing demographic in schools across the nation, and these students are spending more time than ever before in regular classrooms. Nearby southern states Georgia, Alabama and Arkansas have the highest growth rates of this demographic. In Mississippi, the group has seen a modest but steady growth rate over the last four years.

Students with special needs in inclusion classrooms spend a portion of the day in a regular classroom. Self-contained classrooms — filled only with other special education students — can be beneficial for students who require more one-on-one time with teachers or need additional help, but depending on the specific challenges of the student, this also can impede opportunities to learn social skills.

(special educational Needs) students. At EdUHK, we believe that teachers shall be equipped with better understanding towards students' growth and learning needs.

proponents of inclusion say such classroom settings can improve academic and social success rates for students with special needs. The Autism Center is moving toward providing more 'social navigation' opportunities to help clients learn to tolerate an inclusion environment.

The Center has created mock specials classes, where clients with special needs can practice taking mock art, physical education, library and music classes in an inclusion setting that mimics a regular class.

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"It's about knowing your space and learning those rules," Williamson said.

Williamson said specials classes provide an opportunity for students with special needs to experience an unstructured environment that will prepare them for transitioning from self-contained to inclusion classes.

"The best part of inclusion is it really helps kids reach their full potential," Williamson said. "Inclusion done right is really providing the right support so that kids can access what their typical peers can access."


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