What else do you do if you don't understand digital marketing


The first is a fragmented marketing technology. This is so important. In the language of the industry, it is "encapsulating" various popular technologies for our use. Let users only see the application effect, shielding the complex underlying technical details, regardless of whether it is deployed in the private cloud or installed in the public cloud, regardless of whether the AI algorithm is aggregated or unsupervised.

The second is to open up the closed loop from customer data and content experience to communication execution and optimization. This is the core of automated marketing or digital marketing. If there is no closed loop, there will be no traceability, no replication and no accurate understanding of the data. The establishment of a data-centric and driven closed loop will effectively solve this problem.

Finally, the aggregation of fragmented enterprise internal marketing ecology. This is from the industry attributes, different business units of large companies, different products and different marketing strategies. After all, it is important to tailor product strategies and synergies so that companies do not "reinventing the wheel" and save energy.

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According to the concept understanding of the current central platform, it has undertaken all kinds of technologies and can install all kinds of applications. This requires that this platform is open with strong system expansibility. Otherwise, how can it be combined with 7040 technologies? It's also developer-friendly and developable, otherwise how can apps thrive? There is also, of course, an application market that can promote inter-ecological activity.

The self-developed river map intelligent engine can realize adaptive strategy optimization, intelligent recommendation, intelligent crowd segmentation, intelligent value scoring, intelligent communication control, programmed content production and other functions. Only if the platform is strong enough, the technology is good, the product is good, and the solution can bring value to the users, can a good interactive ecology be formed, and finally is "open cooperation", towards a win-win ecosystem.


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