ergonomic workplace this applies to your desk

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Ergonomics in the home office

Home office has become part of everyday life for many employees since the corona pandemic at the latest. An ergonomic workplace in the home office also plays an important role. In principle, the employees themselves are responsible for the working environment and the organization of working hours in the most commonly used “mobile working model”. In addition to the spatial equipment, this includes a structured working day, observance of breaks, exercise, avoidance of disturbances and the above-mentioned basic rules of ergonomics.


ergonomic workplace  this applies to your desk

Of course, there are far more types of workstations than a simple office chair with a desk. But since more than 17 million people are employed in this type of activity, many questions arise here. What are my entitlements? The answer: According to § 3 ArbSchG, your employer is obliged to “strive to improve the safety and health protection of employees”. The area of ​​ergonomics is also addressed in the Workplace Ordinance (ArbStättV). In addition to physical health, mental health is also addressed here. This can be affected by excessive noise, for example.

For a "classic" desk workstation, the following aspects can count towards an ergonomically designed workstation:

  • You have enough legroom so that you can adopt a natural sitting posture.
  • Your desk offers enough work space.
  • The keyboard, mouse and computer monitor provide suitable working options. For example, there are particularly ergonomically shaped mice that are designed to prevent damage to the hand.
  • https://www.4tiitoo.com/blog/the-future-workplace

ergonomic workplace

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