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One of the most common issues computer end users encounter is the fact that a method can't be taken off. Now let us see how you can correctly uninstall Pirate Bay in Home windows, and I'll also list the doable reasons that you choose to cannot comprehensive the removing.


Why You Fall short to Uninstall Pirate Bay

If you are unable to completely uninstall Pirate Bay, the result could be one or more from the following situations:

  • Pirate Bay was not adequately or fully mounted previously.
  • Windows OS is struggling to locate the default uninstaller of your program.
  • Some of the method documents are deleted mistakenly.
  • Related registry entries with the software are corrupted.
  • Your computer has become infected by a virus plus the technique won't operate adequately.

To exclude the above-mentioned results, you may try to reinstall Pirate Bay by downloading it from the official or executing a full scan with the antivirus merchandise.


What You Need to Do to correctly Uninstall Pirate Bay

In this element, I've simplified the outline of your vital methods, after which you can describe them intimately. Ideally here is the finest way in your case to learn the full cleansing process.

1. Right before the removal.

  • Administrative legal rights.
  • Make guaranteed Pirate Bay just isn't working.

If you happen to be applying for an administrator account or an account that includes the executive rights, then you can leap towards the upcoming phase. If not you'll need an authorization password when earning improvements from the process > To ensure the removing goes smoothly, check the Program Tray while in the bottom-right corner to exit the program.


2. Uninstall Pirate Bay.

  • Open the Programs and Features.
  • Activate the elimination.
  • Confirmation.
  • Possibly you might be requested to restart the computer.

To do this, right-click on the Start button, and select Programs and Features > Double-click Pirate Bay from the checklist to activate the built-in uninstaller > Confirm the removing > Restart the computer right away or do it later.


3. Search and delete the remaining information.

  • Open the Registry Editor
  • Check for HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware(Pirate Bay or the publisher's name) to delete.
  • Check for HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE(Pirate Bay or the publisher's name) to delete.
  • Search “Pirate Bay (or the publisher's name)” to check.
  • Restart the computer if you haven't done it.


To do this, execute “Regedit” in the search input field to open the Registry Editor > Navigate to this folder: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware(Pirate Bay or the publisher's name), and delete it if found > Navigate to this folder: HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE(Pirate Bay or the publisher's name), and delete it if found > Search “Pirate Bay (or the publisher's name)” to check if there are any other leftovers > Restart the computer.


A Simpler Way to Uninstall Pirate Bay in Windows

Don't bother to carry out the regular actions? Then this would be your finest choice - applying Max Uninstaller, which manages all the required jobs in your case, to safely, wholly uninstall Pirate Bay. It's like breaking open a way through brambles and thorns, there's no need to have to worry about the troubles that may appear in the middle of the elimination.


I'll make clear every move for you personally, so that the subsequent time you want to remove a method by applying it, you could do it faster:


1. Install Max Uninstaller.

The installation will finish in 1 minute. Then run the application, it will automatically scan all the currently set up programs and show you in a listing.


2. Select Pirate Bay to remove.

Select Pirate Bay inside the record, and click Run Analysis on the right. It will find all the similar files of your target software and displays them in a list with details. Just keep the items checked, and click Comprehensive Uninstall.


3. Delete the remaining files of Pirate Bay.

When the last element is done, you will see a green Scan Leftover button, click it to find out all the remaining documents that may hide in different folders. Also, keep all the items checked, and click Delete Leftovers to Entirely uninstall Pirate Bay.

When it says “Pirate Bay continues to be entirely eliminated,” click here for more “Back to Step1” to refresh the program's checklist. Pirate Bay should no longer be there, and you may consider Max Uninstaller on any other method you wish to remove. Are you sold?


Some Extra Tips

Besides uninstalling needless programs from the process, there are many other ways to optimize your computer's performance. For instance:

  • Run fewer programs at the startup.
  • Close the programs/web pages/emails that you're done working with.
  • Don't use far more than a single antivirus solution.
  • Keep all the hardware drivers up-to-date.
  • Use the “High Performance” Power Plan.
  • Turn off unneeded visual effects.

These should be the easiest to reach and realize. Surely you can get extra other maintenance tips on the Internet, and they are all free. I do hope this page has provided essentially the most practical information you are looking for.

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