The Top 5 Best Canister Vacuum Cleaners for Your Better Housekeeping

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Admittedly, upright vacuum cleaners are more the hot trend for vacuum cleaners nowadays. But also, admittedly, upright vacuum cleaners have certain drawbacks to them. And a few of them are namely the difficulty in maneuvering the vacuum around, and their quite annoyingly loud noise while in operation.

Hence, canister vacuum cleaners have been created to fight these problems. But just as with many vacuum cleaner models, picking out the best ones is not an easy task. That is why we have put together below a list of canister Best Vacuum Cleaners Reviews that we believe to be the best options on the market for you.

1. Kenmore 81614 Bagged Canister Vacuum

Many users would easily agree that the Kenmore 81614 Bagged Canister Vacuum here is the ultimate “everything-in-one-go” canister vacuum cleaner. Where do we even begin to talk about the features that this canister vacuum cleaner offers you? For a start, the vacuum cleaner offers you a ten-foot reach straight out of the box, thanks to its accompanying extension tool.

There are also a couple more tools to make cleaning your house easier. For example, the vacuum cleaner comes with a pair of nozzle heads for more effective floor cleaning, a motorized brush roll to help you with better pet hair control, and a floor brush for extra all-round cleanliness. All of these wonderful tools can be stored inside the body of the vacuum cleaner for your convenience.

The controls for the vacuum cleaner are also cleverly designed on the handle to avoid you having to bend down to make adjustments. And whenever you feel like your stairs and upholstery need a more thorough cleaning, you can always separate the motor body to convert it into a handheld version. This is the top option among many best canister vacuum reviews, if you are still not convinced of its high quality.


2. Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G

This Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G vacuum cleaner is a favorite affordable choice for many people who are on a tight budget. Weighing at slightly more than eight pounds, this is a vacuum cleaner that is compact in its design. But do not be fooled by its small appearance, because this vacuum cleaner can easily perform any cleaning task with the same quality level as a bigger option from the top vacuum cleaners.

Any type of surface is no problem for this vacuum cleaner. Whether it be your carpets or bare floors, the top-notch suction power of this vacuum cleaner can deal with them all easily. Hence, this is why your cleaning tasks are going to be a breeze with this vacuum cleaner, especially with the extra accessories that the vacuum cleaner comes with out of the box.

There are two extension wands for you to greatly improve your reach, and the cord itself is designed with a generous length. There is a reason why this vacuum cleaner is a favorite choice for many homeowners whether they be on a tight budget or not. Therefore, you can rest assured, and you are definitely going to love this adorable vacuum cleaner. Keep in mind that this works better on bare floors, and might not be the best canister vacuum for carpet that you hope for.

3. Miele Complete C3 Marin

If you have ever wanted a vacuum cleaner that would cater to your every specific need and adjust accordingly, then this vacuum cleaner just might be your perfect match made in heaven. Meet the Miele Complete C3 Marin, a premium canister vacuum cleaner option that gives you flexible control in the form of six different modes of adjustments for suction power and pedals.

But if you are not someone who is keen on the variety of adjustments that the vacuum cleaner offers, and find the multiple options to be more of a headache and annoyance than the way they help you, then the vacuum cleaner has an automatic setting to save you the trouble and time. In this way, the vacuum cleaner remains a great option for anyone.

In addition, the vacuum cleaner has more than proven its superiority to other common vacuum cleaners with: a HEPA filter to guarantee the best air quality, an extension wand to greatly improve your flexibility and a swivel steering design to capture dust more efficiently. If this is not one of the Best Vacuum Cleaners Reviews Thekinglive available on the market, then we are certain that none out there would be.

4. Oreck XL Pro 5

If you are feeling a little bit strange with this one, then you are probably right. While the Oreck XL Pro 5 vacuum cleaner is more designed for commercial use, homeowners will still easily find it to be well-suited to use in their own home. This is because the vacuum cleaner is extremely user-friendly, not to mention that it is also quite very strong in terms of durability and versatile, all-round operation.

This vacuum cleaner is unfortunate to not come with any pre-built wheels, but it does try to remedy the portability concern with a shoulder strap for easier carrying. This is further supported by the cord of the vacuum cleaner being designed with great generosity in mind, and measuring at 30 feet in length. This means that you are unlikely to have to unplug the vacuum very often to move around the house.

The vacuum cleaner comes with a large collection of accompanying accessories to help you with more efficient cleaning. This includes a crevice tool for tight space cleaning, a tool for upholstery cleaning, and a larger tool for floor cleaning. Do take note that this is a bagged model, which means you will have to replace the bag often. Other than the mentioned flaws, then this is great value at an affordable price for you to consider.


5. Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum

With a well-established reputation within the market for vacuum cleaners, Dyson never fails to deliver the best quality and most interesting vacuum cleaner products. We are going to introduce to you here the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum, a vacuum cleaner option that is meant specifically for pet owners, and lives up to the mentioned exceptional reputation of the Dyson brand.

This vacuum cleaner belongs to the “Ball” series of Dyson, which means a “Smart Ball” feature is incorporated into its design. This feature allows the vacuum cleaner to move easily in virtually any direction, while helping the vacuum cleaner to produce the powerful suction power that Dyson vacuum cleaners are famous for. This is truly a brilliant design that seems to come straight out of a sci-fi movie.

But pet hair cleaning is more what this particular vacuum cleaner is known for, and if you have ever wondered before which one is the best canister vacuum for pet hair cleaning, then this is it. No hair or fur can ever escape from the efficient and effective cleaning modes of this vacuum cleaner. If you are a pet owner searching for a solution for your pet hair problem, then you have found your solution.


Canister vacuum cleaners might not be the most ideal option of vacuum cleaner, and there are better models for vacuum cleaners. However, there is a reason why they are still sold widely on the market and loved by many homeowners. We hope that you have found your ideal canister vacuum cleaner option from the above review list and How To Buy Vacuum Cleaner - Ways to Buy a Best Vacuum Cleaner, whether you be a fan of canister vacuum cleaners or not.


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