Few Latinos Know Christmas Story in Detail, Poll Says

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Source : North County Tribune

Although almost all Latinos in the United States celebrate Christmas, even if only by decorating their homes or exchanging gifts, Hispanics are the group that least knows the history of that holiday, reveals a national survey released this Wednesday by the Lifeway Research consultancy . According to the survey, only 18% of Latinos responded that they can “accurately tell” the Christmas story as it appears in Christian scriptures, compared with 29% of African-Americans and 46% of whites who gave that response. . In this context, Hispanics only surpass those who, although they consider themselves Christians, do not go to church (15% of them said they know the Christmas story) and those without any religious beliefs (10%).

Paradoxically, Latinos are the group that celebrates Christmas the most (99%), compared to 91% of the general population and 74% of non-Christian Americans who also observe the traditional holiday. “In the United States, Christmas is celebrated in many different ways and few people do not celebrate Christmas in any way. Even those unfamiliar with the story of the birth of Jesus find a way to observe the celebration, "said Scott McConnell, CEO of Lifeway Research.

"However, the majority of people in the United States indicate that they cannot correctly repeat the Christmas story from memory," he said. The poll was conducted last September and included more than 1,000 people from across the country, both with and without religious affiliation. The survey does not include a specific explanation of the reasons why knowledge of the Christmas story varies from group to group, but the document indicates that the factors that have the greatest impact on variation are the frequency with which they attend religious services. , age or educational level.

Regarding these last two points, those over 65 know the history better than the younger ones and the more studies the interviewees had, the more knowledge they had of the history of this celebration. Other factors include doctrinal beliefs (Catholics and Protestants are more well versed in Christmas than other religious groups), gender (women know history better than men), and even geography (those in the Midwest know the Christmas story with greater precision than those in the Northwest).

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