Face Recognition Thermometer Application

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The application of face recognition thermometers in the current epidemic is becoming more and more widespread. I believe that most people’s understanding of face recognition terminal equipment is limited to simple access control and attendance, visitor management, security, or certain public security agencies and Scenario-based applications that require document recognition, living body detection, and face comparison in specific situations such as mobile policing. However, the application fields of the face recognition temperature measurement terminal with the thermal imaging infrared temperature measurement module are definitely more than these. In the epidemic prevention and control work that has swept the world these years, there are temperature detection points at all entrances and exits to facilitate the screening of abnormal temperature In order to avoid cross-infection. From the initial handheld temperature measurement gun to the innovative application of face recognition temperature measurement terminals, it is currently in use in factories and enterprises, medical care facilities, street communities, campus areas, stations and other places.

What we usually call the face recognition and temperature measurement all-in-one machine is an intelligent epidemic prevention and control product used in daily life and work, which is what we often call a temperature measurement face recognition terminal, which can still be used as an access control even after the epidemic. , Attendance and other intelligent applications. According to the different product forms, it can be divided into two categories: gate installation type and column type; according to the different epidemic prevention and emergency functions, it can be divided into ID card reading, health and epidemic prevention code recognition, disinfection automatic induction spray, access control visitor management control, and intelligent Different models such as color change status reminder and intelligent voice reminder. When used in areas or places with different risk levels, there are differences in the choice of face recognition thermometer models and emergency functions. Generally speaking, the higher the risk level, the more complete the required functions and the higher the performance. In this way, the workload of epidemic prevention and control personnel can be reduced, and the efficiency of inspection and traffic can be improved.

Nowadays, there are countless models of temperature-measuring face recognition terminals on the market, which are full of our eyes. How to choose people who are suitable for schools, enterprises, stations, medical care places, government service halls or other places where people are constantly moving Face recognition temperature measurement terminals will become a headache for many users. So how to choose a face recognition, temperature measurement and access control integrated machine? The following is a selection method summarized by RAKINDA based on more than 20 years of IoT automatic identification industry experience and good reputation.

1. Product configuration: The function of high-precision infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement is the key to ensuring "science and technology epidemic prevention". At the same time, it must meet the face recognition and mask detection functions. The faster the face recognition speed, the better, to prevent the efficiency from being too slow. The detention or gathering of personnel.

2. Product function: The core function of the face recognition temperature measurement terminal is face recognition and automatic temperature measurement. It is essential to ensure the accuracy of body temperature screening and face recognition. Generally speaking, the temperature measurement accuracy can reach 0.3 degrees. The product is already excellent. Secondly, you can choose some of its emergency functions according to the actual application, such as whether you need to bring your ID card to read, scan the health and epidemic prevention QR code, disinfection automatic induction spray, intelligent color change status reminder, and intelligent voice reminder.

3. Installation guidelines: Generally speaking, face recognition temperature measurement terminal products that are easy to install and deploy are easier to gain popularity and are welcomed by users.

Shenzhen RAKINDA has focused on the field of automatic identification of the Internet of Things for more than 20 years. It has independently developed and produced facial recognition, temperature measurement and access control all-in-one machines, facial recognition temperature measurement terminals, facial recognition thermometers and other products designed for epidemic prevention in public places. It was launched for epidemic control and epidemic screening. The system integrates offline face recognition, multi-machine networking applications, infrared body temperature detection, mask recognition, access control visitor management, attendance management, identity verification, on-site face collection, blacklist warning, and health scan Two-dimensional code, disinfection automatic induction spray, intelligent color change status reminder and intelligent voice reminder, blacklist warning, live detection and other functions are integrated, which can realize rapid temperature measurement in seconds. This series of products supports gate installation, column installation and wall-mounted installation, and can be widely used in residential access control, communities, hospitals, stations, schools, office buildings, government buildings and other scenes.

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